Course Description

If you don't need convincing that focusing on building a mailing list should be a priority for any online store owner, but you haven't quite worked out how to turn subscribers into customers yet, you're in the right place.

This masterclass runs just over an 1hr, and is packed with detailed training on why having a sales funnel is essential for your online store, but more than that, it breaks down exactly WHAT should go into your sales funnel and why.

If you're ready to ramp up your email marketing with a repeatable scalable process that will help you to rapidly increase the amount of sales you make from your subscribers, this masterclass is for you.

Masterclass outcomes:

  • What an email sales funnel is, and how it will ramp up revenue in your business (when done right!)
  • Why you need a funnel (especially if you haven't even started building your mailing list)
  • Expert tips for writing your sales funnel... which will drive sales months after your write it!
  • A 6-part sales funnel outline my clients and I use to generate $$$ in sales every day

Who this masterclass is for:

If you're new to email marketing but want to make sure you're building relationships with your customers that overtime translates into sales, then you'll get great value from the information in this detailed masterclass.

Two action taker bonuses: Get these two super valuable resources on me. I love to support action taking entreprenuers to get where the want to be as quickly as possible

1. Copy of my 16 page Online Boutique Checklist. 6 checklists you can use to audit your Shopify business to make sure your optimised for sales (usually $27)

2. Copy of The Brazen Profit Lab wholesale & dropship supplier black book (usually $27)

Total value: $54

Stacey Brazen

Stacey Brazen

A location independent ecommerce business coach and traffic strategist, few things in life give me more pleasure than getting up close and personal with scrappy entrepreneurs, and getting results - fast!You'll find my masterclasses fast paced, informative, humour filled, and indepth. Designed to be a solid resource and give you the skills you need to achieve your goals, BPL students say our masterclasses are short but powerful!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Email Marketing Sales Funnels: 101

  • 2


    • Brazen Profit Lab Fashion Wholesaler Black Book

    • Online Boutique Check List {PRO}