Instagram Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Discover 6 influencer campaigns you can try ( 4 you've never even thought of...) | taught by Stacey Brazen

Course description

Before you hit the back button - with a little side eye 'cos of the price - let's keep it real here...

...take a read of EXACTLY what's included, so you can quickly see for yourself why, if you're a new online store owner who needs more visibility, credibility & customers, you'd be barmy to Ignore it.


  • 75-minutes of in-depth, thorough, Instagram influencer marketing training. Think fast-paced, value packed, fun, down to earth training, with LOTS of 'aha' moments, buckets loads of insights, and inspiration for days.

In fact, I'm gonna come right out and say it: it's quite possibly the best training out there on this essential strategy for new store owners.

You'll discover:

  • What influencer marketing is, how & why it works, and why you can't afford to ignore it(yes! we look at the sexy stats...& you'll be surprised at what they reveal)

  • Uncover six different types of influencer campaigns you can launch (even on a small budget). I bet at least three of them you'll never have even thought of!
  • The pros & cons of influencers marketing - Find out how you can avoid the great Instagram swindle (going down every day), and get you what you paid for.
  • The dos & dont's of influencer outreach - Avoid the spam button of death. Learn how you can send emails which really connect, get you noticed, and make it a no-brainer for influencers to say YES to working with you (without being pushy, desperate and annoying)

- Plus much, MUCH more.

But I didn't stop there... (see... told ya this package was HEAVY on the value!)

As a bonus for you action taking entrepreneurs who know that the Instagram game about to change (now that it's owned by Facebook) and you need to make big moves NOW!

Check out what else is included...



1. 600+ spreadsheet of hot, approachable fashion bloggers - Start your outreach the quick and dirty way. There's over 30hrs of manual research right here. You're welcome ;)
2. Get a 2-part initial outreach & follow up email (the same one my clients use to snag great collabs erryday) . Edit it to fit your brand, hit send, and watch the replies start flooding in.
3. One blogger contractual agreement - manage expectations and deliverables for both you AND your collab partner. Plus, you'll look more professional than the other, win, win, I say?

-Watch the video within 48hrs of purchasing(yes, my tracking tells me which customers have watched and how many times...gotta love technology, ha)

-Think the training sucks and has nothing to offer you? Shoot me back a quick email with a little bit about why...and I'll give you a full refund. You'll be removed from the community + resources too though, obvs.

So.. mogul... what do you have to say about that $27 investment now?

Feels like a bargain, right? A steal, even! (feel free to buy it for a friend too ;)

Now we've established that at $27 this training packages is EASILY within the budget of any store owner serious about building a profitable brand and business. And we know the value far trumps the price - not to mention there'sabsolutely no risk--as you can get a refund if you think it blows...

The only question left to ask, is: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

If you've read this far, it's probably 'cos you know this is for you, you're just on the fence. Now's the time to jump off (your competitors did months ago), get serious, and click the I WANT THIS BUTTON NOW.

See you on the inside!

Stacey Brazen

Stacey Brazen
Stacey Brazen
Stacey Brazen

A location independent ecommerce business coach and traffic strategist, few things in life give me more pleasure than getting up close and personal with scrappy entrepreneurs, and getting results - fast!

You'll find my masterclasses fast paced, informative, humour filled, and indepth. Designed to be a solid resource and give you the skills you need to achieve your goals, BPL students say our masterclasses are short but powerful!